Lighting! It’s the key to every beautiful household. Lighting can be a nice accent to an art piece or used as a way to give a room a certain “feel”. A room that seemed shabby with little potential can suddenly seem glamorous.

5000k Lighting is made for a work environment and is a blue Light. People who like a really bright room
would use this color.

4000K is Daylight. It’s the color you see when you walk out of your house on a winter’s day. It’s almost
pure white.

3500K is by far my favorite. This is the color of an incandescent bulb. This is the color we have known for
the better part of all our lives. This color is a warm white, perfect for a movie or a nice cocktail with

2700K is orange. This color is used for outside landscape lighting or parking lot lights.

What are these numbers 5000k- 2700k?

We work off Kelvin temperature. This tells us what color we can make a room. The old way was 60w
equivalent or 100w equivalent, ect. Kelvin temperature is way better and can tell you what color light looks
best in a perspective area. Every setting has a color and Ideal Electrical Contractors Inc. wants to help
you decide which color works best.

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