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Lighting Styles

There are a few different styles to choose from: contemporary, modern and rustic are common styles. Right now, the farm style is super popular. But what about tomorrow? Well I’m here to tell you don’t go with the trends, Go...

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Electrical Fires

Reasons to be concerned: The Statistics don’t lie! According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFi) “there are 51,000 fires a year resulting from electrical issues. There are over 1000+ Injuries every year and 100’s of deaths. $700,000,000+ in property...

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Lighting Colors

Lighting! It’s the key to every beautiful household. Lighting can be a nice accent to an art piece or used as a way to give a room a certain “feel”. A room that seemed shabby with little potential can suddenly...

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4 Attitudes for a Successful Business

NUMBER ONE Our company puts the customers first. Since the first day starting as an apprentice, my boss (at the time) taught me the importance of customer service. I’d rather keep a long time customer than make $1 off of...

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