Our company puts the customers first. Since the first day starting as an apprentice, my boss (at the time) taught me the importance of customer service. I’d rather keep a long time customer than make $1 off of a job . It’s this wisdom that I continue to teach my electricians each day.

It starts with communication and it ends with communication . I’m always available for my clients if need be. We try to call our customers a few times to let them know our clients schedule. We will call the morning of to give a window of service (not a 4 hour window either) usually within an hour. Our technicians will call an hour before arrival. If the job they are on is taking longer than expected either the office or technician will call the next job to give them a heads up as to when they will be there.

Personalities of technicians differ so you have make sure that each guy understands how you want every situation handled. We teach the techs to treat the customer as if they were their own mom . This teaches them no matter how bad the situation is to handle it in a calm collective matter.

NUMBER 4Honesty is the key . If we did something wrong we own it. Things happen. We teach our electricians to take responsibility for the issue and figure out the best solution to solve it. We also like to explain what we are doing to customers so there is better communication. This takes away all the questions the customer may have at the end and helps justify our charges. Gratitude is natural. We thank everyone that calls us, Why you ask? Because we are truly grateful for that customer. We want our customers to be our customers for life.

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